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Glee: Kurt/Blaine: 5 & 1...

Title:5 Times Kurt was out of his room after hours and 1 time he wasn’t (But Blaine was)
Author/Artist: fissijo
Word Count: 4896 (OH EM GEE!)
Summary:Kurt learnt very quickly that some of Dalton’s rules were seen more as guidelines to most of the student population and no one seemed to care less about it.
AUish from 02x09 Glee (Furt)
Notes Written for fabrisse as part of the kurt_blaine Kiss Kiss exchange. MUCH love to lizbuf for the Beta and pyroclastic for organising the whole things. And all the amazing encouragement from everyone!
Disclaimer: Glee belongs to Ryan Murphy. Just playing in his sandbox. Please don't sue and all that. Scenario for "Revenge" borrowed from a Tamora Pierce book (Page? I think). Basically if you recognise it, it's not mine.

Rules were made to be broken after all…Collapse )

Glee/HSM: The Email Fic of Doom

Title: Untitled.
Author: fissijo
Fandom: Glee/High School Musical crossover.
Pairing: Ryan/Chad (HSM), Sam/Quinn, Kurt, assorted other Glee Clubbers mentioned
Rating: PG I guess.
Word counts: 4135 Words. Yes, you read that right.
Summary: After being disowned by the family and moving to Lima Ohio Sam Evans gets back in touch with his favourite cousin Ryan.
A/N: Much MUCH thanks to pyroclastic for the beta here. All remaining issues are my own. Yes the grammar is meant to be that mad, as is the spelling.
Oh come on, they both have the surname Evans, it was just too easy to make them cousins. Set after HSM3 and during S2 of Glee, potential spoilers up to Episode 5 of Glee, AU after that.
Disclaimer: I like playing with shiny toys. Glee belongs to RM (if it were mine Puck and Mike would be shirtless a WHOLE lot more often for one thing), HSM is Disney's. I make no profit from this (thank God, I'd be starving if I did!)

Sam Evans To: Ryan Evans Subject: Hey ManCollapse )


My Writing this year up to now...

Title: Training Grounds, The Dress, In The Morning.
Author: fissijo
Fandom: Tamora Pierce's Tortall Universe.
Pairing: Keladry of Mindelan/Sergeant Domitan of Masbolle
Rating: G
Word counts: 164, 133 and 133 words.
A/N: Written earlier this year for the Smackdown Challenge on Goldenlake
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Tamora Pierce, just playing in her sandbox.

Training GroundsCollapse )
The DressCollapse )
In The MorningCollapse )

Tennis Fic: Touch Me (Fish/Roddick)

Title: Touch Me
Author: fissijo
Fandom: Tennis
Pairing: Mardy Fish/Andy Roddick
Rating: R/NC-17
Word Count: 290 (a vertitable essay by my standards!)
Summary: Andy, Mardy and a pair of handcuffs... need I say more?
Notes: Read through by lillkakis (who deemed it postable, blame her!), for my first table at 12_rpf_stories. Prompt (touch) chosen (via random number) by my mummy!!!
Disclaimer: This is purely fiction. No harm or disrespect is intended. I make no claims about the person's true sexuality... I tell lies, never happened and if it did I was SO not there making notes!

Touch MeCollapse )
Title: Untitled (feeling lazy today!)
Author: fissijo
Fandom: Tennis
Pairing: Andy Roddick, Mardy Fish/James Blake
Rating: PG-13 (language)
Word Count: 118
Summary: Who does Andy hate?
Notes: Unbeaten, not even read through this time... but it's only 118 words! For my 12_rpf_stories table, Claim Mardy Fish/Andy Roddick (James got added in for the fun here!), prompt 07-Hate picked by australian_imp
Disclaimer: This is purely fiction. No harm or disrespect is intended. I make no claims about the person's true sexuality. So to summerise, I tell lies.

Hate...Collapse )

F1 Fic: Nels/Nico - Waiting

Title: Waiting
Author: fissijo
Fandom: F1
Pairing: Nelsinho Piquet/Nico Rosberg
Rating: G/PG at a push
Word Count: 154
Summary: Nelsinho hates waiting
Notes: read through by lillkakis, for my second table at 12_rpf_stories (assuming claim is accepted!). Prompt chosen by roomfor2 (prompt was 'weeks')
Disclaimer: This is purely fiction. No harm or disrespect is intended. I make no claims about the person's true sexuality. So basically, I tell the pretty little lies...

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Tennis Fic: Untitled (Fish/Roddick)

Pairing: Andy Roddick/Mardy Fish
Rating: mild PG at the highest!
Disclaimer: I tell pretty lies, the product of a caffeine fuelled over-active imagination. Don't know them, certainly don't own them(!)
Notes: Loosely (very) based around the song 'I Love You' by Sarah McLachlan and written for the 'pairing of the month' challenge on tennisslash, cross posted there.

the worst thing about playing Andy isn’t losing to himCollapse )