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Glee: Kurt/Blaine: 5 & 1...

Title:5 Times Kurt was out of his room after hours and 1 time he wasn’t (But Blaine was)
Author/Artist: fissijo
Word Count: 4896 (OH EM GEE!)
Summary:Kurt learnt very quickly that some of Dalton’s rules were seen more as guidelines to most of the student population and no one seemed to care less about it.
AUish from 02x09 Glee (Furt)
Notes Written for fabrisse as part of the kurt_blaine Kiss Kiss exchange. MUCH love to lizbuf for the Beta and pyroclastic for organising the whole things. And all the amazing encouragement from everyone!
Disclaimer: Glee belongs to Ryan Murphy. Just playing in his sandbox. Please don't sue and all that. Scenario for "Revenge" borrowed from a Tamora Pierce book (Page? I think). Basically if you recognise it, it's not mine.

1. First Snowfall
Kurt had barely been at Dalton a month when the first proper snowstorm of the year hit. For the first time he was actually quite relived to be boarding; not having to worry about struggling to school and potentially damaging his baby was real treat. The snow seemed to make the population of Dalton a lot less ‘refined’ in Kurt’s eyes, there was a palpable feeling of giddiness. Of something unspoken building throughout the day.

Kurt’s studying when the text message comes through [It’s on – 10min after lockdown. Quad ---Blaine] ambiguous enough to throw him out of his flow and abandon the books in favour of staring down at his phone. He’s not sure how long he’s been sitting there when James comes barrelling into the room.
“Ready for the war Kurt?” He asks in the whirlwind that is his entrance, book bag flung towards his desk in almost the same moment that his blazer and tie head in the vague direction of the closet. Kurt had decided within minutes of meeting his new room mate that it would be like living with some sort of force of nature. James never does things by half, leaving a trail of devastation in his wake. It took some getting used to and made living with Finn seem a walk in the park in comparison. But as room mates went he seemed a decent sort, he did his best to keep the chaos to his side of the shared room and had yet to complain about Kurt’s Lady Gaga habits or Pavarotti’s horrific habit of waking the pair of them long before it was necessary.
“The war?” Kurt looks up towards James. “This anything to do with the ‘It’s on’ message I’ve just gotten?”
“I keep forgetting you’ve not been here long. Dalton tradition dictates that the night of the first big snowfall becomes the Great Snow War.” Kurt can practically hear the capitalization as James speaks. “Basically, after lockdown we all pile out into the quad for a snowball fight of epic proportions. It’s been happening as long as anyone can remember.”
“Um how? They lock the doors right?” One of the things Kurt had been most alarmed to find out when he moved into the dorms was that the students were locked into the dorms at 11pm every night – there were of course various emergency exits but it still freaked him out a little.
“Yeah, but there’s those big windows in the lounge downstairs.” James points out with a devious smirk. “It’s not like they police the lockdown all that often right? As long as we don’t make too much noise out here on a normal night they don’t check up on us. Well it’s the same with the snow war, as long as nothing gets damaged and we don’t disturb them they overlook it. Anyway it’s a tradition for a reason, passed down through generations of Dalton students, including some of the faculty. For as long as these dorms have been built the quad has been used for the Snow War. We all stay within the quad, so it’s not really breaking the rules, we’re still within the outer walls of the dorms after all. Are you in? Those of us of Oak dorm need to stand strong against the forces of evil from Beech, Larch and Sycamore; they can’t beat us. Not again.”
“Sounds great.” Kurt sighs, thinking wistfully of the damage this would do to his skin care regime. He had been ready to say no, to do the sensible thing and stay in the warm and use the unusual silence to get some much needed sleep, but James had this infuriatingly earnest and hopeful look on his face and he just couldn’t refuse. It was a personality flaw for sure, but it would have been like kicking a well-meaning puppy.

Kurt’s participation in the fight was more ‘behind the scenes’. Pressed between James and Blaine behind a wall, frantically making as many snowballs as fast as they could, lining them up for the attack force to use – somewhat sheltered from the crossfire in the raging battle.
“James, come on.” One of the faceless bodies from in front beckoned.
“If I don’t return, make sure my mom knows I love her. Farewell Kurt.” He sighed dramatically before ducking away. Moments later Kurt could hear a distinctly familiar battle cry before returning to the creation of well needed ammunition.

Oak dorm lost. Spectacularly. Beech were the eventual winners, last men standing and all that, but then, as Blaine pointed out as they dripped their way back through the dorm window and up to the corridor, Beech was home to most of the lacrosse team and assorted other jocks. Oak and Larch on the other hand were home to the Warblers and Band groups.

As Kurt settled for the night he decided it was nights like this which were starting to break down his initial view of the school in general being more than a little stuck up. Any place with a tradition as silly as that night had been was definitely worth re-evaluating in his mind. Of course it hadn’t hurt any that Blaine looked nothing short of adorable with snow in his hair, grinning madly – more like the guy Kurt had seen at Breadstix than the almost robot Blaine he was within the Dalton walls.

2. Revenge. Best served cold
The second time Kurt was out in the grounds after hours was for ‘official Warbler business’, so therefore exempt from any punishment (when Blaine had described the Warblers as Rock stars he hadn’t been exaggerating).

It wasn’t revenge per-se, because they were Dalton students and a certain amount of dignity was expected of them. But something HAD to be done.

Christian was a nice guy – one of the first Warblers to really take the time to get to know Kurt (not including Blaine of course). It was just unfortunate he was incapable of going an entire rehearsal, dinner or lesson without mentioning the ‘delectable, beautiful, smart, lovely, wonderful’ Louisa from All Hallows – Dalton’s sister school.

If it was just the comments it would have been bearable, but it didn’t stop there. There was also poetry. Exceptionally bad poetry. If Kurt were the kind of guy to hold a grudge he would never talk to Blaine again for not WARNING him about the poetry. It’s very difficult to maintain a calm exterior while someone is waxing lyrical about ‘the fair Louisa’s perfectly peaked eyebrows’ (Blaine’s “But you should have seen your face” when Kurt complained to him after rehearsals did nothing to help his friend’s case.)

When Kurt suggested to Christian that maybe it was time to share these poems and the feelings behind them with the girl in question he simply got a scoffed “No thank you, I’ll enjoy my crush in private and avoid the soul-destroying rejection thank you very much” in reply. Sadly for the Warblers ‘in private’ meant ‘I will whine incessantly to all of you about the unfairness of it all while doing nothing about it.’ (Privately Kurt was quite happy with the situation. It made his former crush on Finn seem quite normal really; at least he had never stooped as low as writing poetry about him. He hoped that if he ever reached that stage of humility Mercedes would stage an intervention. Perhaps he should make her promise that she would next time he saw her, just in case?)

The final straw came during a particularly draining rehearsal at the end of January when Christian had supplied a list of song suggestions for the group’s next performance. One which would be attended by the All Hallows students for Valentines Day. It wasn’t a bad list; some of the songs were definitely in the style that would suit the talents of the Warblers perfectly. But it was annotated - mainly with ideas on how Christian himself could feature in the song and how that could help in his quest to woo ‘the fair Louisa’. Enough was enough, word was sent around. It was time for an intervention.

Which is how Kurt found himself standing at the centre of the group wailing ‘The Nearness of You’ up at Christian’s dorm room window – in 8 part harmony; they just couldn’t help themselves sometimes – in the dead of the night. (If any of the group noticed Kurt and Blaine’s tightly linked hands and the way they were singing more to each other than at the intended recipient of the song they were far too polite to mention it. Although David did make a mental note to keep an eye on the two of them – silently hoping they wouldn’t need to form another intervention in the not too distant future.)

Christian took it pretty well – far better than the two students they woke up by mistake in the search for the right window to sing to; the first when they counted from the left of the building instead of the right, the second a miss with the stones that were flung to get the attention of the room’s occupants.
The plan largely worked. Christian was remarkably quiet about his crush after that night. Of course, all productivity was lost in rehearsals for a few weeks as all it took was a few hummed bars of the song from one of the boys for them all to dissolve into helpless laughter.

Kurt learnt from Blaine a few weeks after the Valentines performance that Christian had been cornered by a couple of the All Hallows girls who had noticed the way he looked at Louisa. They had set the pair up on a date, which had turned out to be an unmitigated disaster with them having nothing in common at all.

3. Midterms – the ultimate torture
Midterms were hell on everyone at Dalton. Warbler practise had been cut back to the bare minimum to give everyone as much time as possible to study, but not stopped completely by group decision – they needed a chance to put it all to one side for a few brief hours and just relax. Everyone seemed to have their own little ways to cope with the stress. For Blaine it became nervous energy – bouncing through every number they attempted to work on; Kurt found it adorable, endlessly amused by the hopping and spinning, even when it didn’t fit the song in question. Which was possibly more to do with his own stress than the actual act – although if he was totally honest with himself he found most things Blaine did utterly adorable. A fact that had very little to do with the impending doom of midterms and a whole lot to do with him being more than a little in love with the other boy.

The rest of the Warblers – especially Wes – were less amused by Blaine’s antics. The second time he bounced through a heartfelt solo Wes declared the rehearsal over with a sigh of “It’s obvious we’re not going to get anything productive done here today and I’m getting motion sick just looking at Blaine bouncing around like the Energizer bunny, let’s try again next week.”
“Midterms make Wes cranky.” Blaine stage whispered to Kurt, earning him the expected giggle and a glare from Wes.

As the exams grew ever closer it became less and less unusual to find students slumped over notes or a pile of books catching whatever sleep they could. Kurt was no exception to this; more often than he dared to admit he was being awoken by the Librarian – leaving him to run back to the dorms usually carrying as many books as he could fit into his bag. Worse was when he had been studying in one of the quieter common rooms. In his opinion there was nothing worse than being woken by the cleaners coming through in the morning, having to rush back to grab a shower and a change of clothes before classes. After the third day in a row that Kurt missed their daily breakfast ‘date’, Blaine decided something had to be done.

That night found Blaine walking the practically deserted halls, determined to find Kurt, drag him back to his room and (probably) lecture him on his studying habits. He was fairly easy to find, leant against the common room window, Biology textbook open on the table in front of him and pen hanging uselessly from his hand. Blaine briefly debated leaving him to sleep as he looked peaceful and more relaxed than he had ever seen him before, but common sense won out and he gently shook his friend awake. Kurt woke with a start, arms flailing and pen flying into the window, Blaine jumping back quickly to avoid a hand in the face.
“What the hell?” Kurt groaned rubbing a hand over his face as the room gradually came back into focus. “Blaine?”
“You fell asleep here. You’ve been doing that a lot; I thought you might appreciate being woken so you can sleep in a proper bed for a change and not on a desk.” Blaine explained, swiftly packing Kurt’s notes away into his bag, careful to make sure they were kept in the same order. Shouldering Kurt’s bag he held out a hand to Kurt, pulling the still groggy boy from the chair and towards the door. Kurt allowed himself to be led out of the main building and back out to the dorms.

By the time they made it to Kurt’s room Blaine had lost the incentive to lecture Kurt. A sleepy Kurt was a tactile Kurt, practically clinging to Blaine – his arm around his waist and head resting comfortably on his shoulder – as he half led, half dragged him up the stairs inside Oak dorm. Kurt’s room was empty when they got there; Blaine gently deposited Kurt onto the bed before emptying the notes he had arranged in Kurt’s bag onto the empty desk, making sure they were still in their correct order. Satisfied everything was in order he turned back to Kurt who had already curled onto his side and gone back to sleep. Blaine chuckled quietly, covering Kurt with a comforter off the bottom of the bed and pressing a soft kiss to his forehead. “Sleep well Kurt,” he whispered, making his way out of the room, passing Kurt’s room-mate in the corridor as he left.

4. A chance to talk
[Meet me in the quad after LD? Under the big tree? ---Blaine]
Kurt’s sat reading the latest issue of Vogue – enjoying his first night without any homework in what feels like forever when the text from Blaine comes. He mentally shrugs, wondering what is so important it can’t wait until the next morning to be shared over breakfast, and replying with a simple ‘okay’. He’d question it more but sometimes it’s just easier to go with it; if he could bring himself to care, he’d be worried about how difficult it is getting to say ‘no’ to Blaine.

By the time the lockdown comes round Kurt is waiting by the window, watching as one of the math teachers makes his way around the four dormitory blocks, quickly checking and locking doors in each of them.
“You’re in your creeping outfit, what’s up this time?” James looks over from the sea of books that is covering his desk. “Actually don’t tell me; that way I can deny knowing anything if you get caught.”
“Couldn’t tell you anyway, I’ve not got a clue. Blaine wants to talk.” Kurt shrugs, pulling on his boots and reaching for his coat. “Good luck with the history.”
“Couldn’t we have met in the lounge?” Kurt greets Blaine as he approaches the tree, hands shoved into his coat pockets, mentally cursing the fact he hadn’t thought to pick up gloves or a hat.
“And miss a beautiful night like this?” Blaine grins, throwing his head back to stare up at the cloudless sky.
“You wanted to talk?”
“Are you okay? You’ve been really quiet all afternoon; I don’t think you said anything during Warblers rehearsal. I was worried.” Blaine leans in against the tree, pulling Kurt in next to him and resting a hand on his shoulder.
“It’s nothing.” Kurt replies quickly, too quickly. “Really.” He adds to Blaine’s disbelieving look. “It’s stupid.” He sighs.
“You miss them?” Blaine guesses, his hand sliding down to rub Kurt’s back in what he hopes is a comforting gesture. “It’s totally normal to be homesick Kurt.”
“It’s stupid.” Kurt repeats, leaning into Blaine’s arm. “I see them most weekends if I go home. I can’t help it though, I’ll sit there in rehearsal thinking ‘oh this is where Rachel would storm out’ or someone will say something and I’ll almost hear the response that would get at McKinley. Usually an inappropriate but really funny comment from Santana.” He shakes his head. “I miss the drama, as mad as that sounds. I love being in the Warblers, I really do, and I definitely don’t miss the inane weekly assignments Mr Schue would give us.
“But it was fun. I miss singing for the fun of it, because someone had a song in their head so they would just start it off and we would just sing.”
“I get it Kurt, I really do.” Blaine sighs. “When I first transferred I missed lunchtimes at my old school. That was when our drama club would meet up and work on whatever came to mind – not usually the production we were working towards at the time, just to hang out. Coming here it felt odd sitting in the cafeteria with everyone else and just eating. I still miss it from time to time, it was the one time there I really felt part of something.”
“Kurt, anytime you just want to sing let me know, I’ll be a willing audience for you. I know it wouldn’t be the same as being with them, but the offer’s there.” Blaine says quietly as they close the window in the now deserted lounge. Kurt smiles.
“And if you feel the need to be dramatic come and find me, okay?”
“Definitely.” Blaine returns the smile, grabbing for Kurt’s hand as they walk back up the stairs to their rooms. “Good night Kurt,” he whispers, reaching up slightly to brush a soft kiss against Kurt’s mouth. It’s brief; a barely there pressure that Kurt would think he’d imagined if it weren’t for the slight blush growing on Blaine’s cheeks. Kurt smiles in what he hopes is a reassuring manner, squeezing Blaine’s hand tightly in his own. He hesitates for a moment before closing the distance between the two himself, pressing a firmer kiss to Blaine’s mouth; showing in actions rather than words that this unspoken change in their friendship is welcomed on his part.
“Good night Blaine.” Kurt can’t keep the smile away as the two part, Blaine grinning in return before turning back to the stairs to return to his room.

[Thank you – Kurt x]

5. Up on the roof
The night before Regionals Kurt found himself, along with the rest of the Warblers, on the roof of Oak building for an impromptu party of sorts. The plan was to encourage everyone to relax, to distract them from the inevitable stress to come the following day.

Of course, despite the whole point of the meet up being to unwind and NOT think about the competition, it was inevitable that the main subject of conversation would become what they were all expecting from the other participating Glee Clubs. General consensus was that of course Vocal Adrenaline would be the ones to beat. Yes, a large amount of the previous year’s squad (who, Kurt had found out from Blaine had destroyed the Warblers at Sectionals) had been part of the graduating class and they had a change of director to contend with, but they had shown in their Sectional that they were still a force to be reckoned with. Kurt knew first hand just how good Sunshine was from her very short time at McKinley; if the rest of them were even half as good as her they would likely be a mighty foe.

No one was mentioning New Directions in their shared thoughts of the competition. Kurt wasn’t sure if it was because they were still wary of his ties to the school and the team (Wes had mentioned that if Kurt did hear anything about what the school was planning then he did not want to know – not that it would change the Warblers’ plans in any way but he did not want any claims of cheating to be made; if the Council didn’t know then they could not do anything about it) or that they had already mentally written them off as not being serious competition. He hoped it was the former – personally he was as worried about his former Glee Club as he was Vocal Adrenaline.
While Mercedes had made certain not to give out any of the set list, she had mentioned on many occasions that they had been working hard over the last month on their selection. Something that was very out of character for them as a whole. If the Warblers could only draw with New Directions at Sectionals when they had only seriously worked on the set list for a week then surely with more time to work on it they had the potential to be an equally unstoppable force as Vocal Adrenaline. Of course the Warblers had been working equally as long and as Kurt suspected a lot harder on their own performance; he hoped it would be enough to turn some heads.
As the night wore on the Warblers seemed to split off into smaller groups, some with their year mates (the Seniors on the team forming the largest group – the thought that tomorrow could be the last time they would perform with the Warblers in a competition weighed heavy on their minds), some with room-mates and their friends…
Kurt and Blaine had found a spot to the rear of the building, overlooking the space behind the school – darkened, deserted sports fields mainly. They had been dating ‘officially’ for almost a month, unofficially for a little while longer. The Warblers all knew – as David had pointed out, the majority of them had seen it coming, so much so there had been a few small bets on the matter going on behind the scenes. They were to the most part cool with it, although the pair had become the butt of some well meant joking.

Privately Kurt had decided that dating Blaine was very much like being friends with Blaine. They hung out after classes, went out for meals, coffee dates and the like with the same regularity they had before. Just with more kissing and touching involved.

Things had remained pretty innocent between them – the combination of a mutual decision not to rush into anything (especially with Regionals just round the corner) and the sheer lack of time alone they had been managing to find. After James had walked in on their most intense make-out session to date (James had claimed he was severely traumatised by the sight, refusing to come into the room until Kurt had assured him he was both alone and fully clothed for about a week after) they had chosen to keep things light until they were guaranteed time alone.
Around midnight things began to wind down; the groups drifting back towards the doors back into the building a lot quieter and more subdued than at the beginning of the night. Kurt and Blaine were among the last to go, parting at the staircase with a brief kiss before creeping back to their respective rooms.

&1. Alone. At last.
“What took you so long?” Kurt smirks, looking up from the book he had been trying – and failing – to read. It had been barely five minutes since James had left the room, with every intention of spending the night in one of his friends’ rooms. There was some sort of gaming tournament going on; James had told him all about it but frankly Kurt had stopped listening all that well after the magic words ‘I’m spending the night in Greg’s room’ had been uttered. Blaine laughs, closing the door firmly behind him and crossing the room to settle in Kurt’s desk chair. When the message from Kurt had come [J out for night, come and keep me company? – K x] it had taken barely a moment to reply with a simple ‘on my way’ before he was shutting down his computer and leaving his slightly bemused room-mate behind.

“Why does this feel so awkward?” Kurt laughs mirthlessly, breaking the silence that had fallen across the room. “Come here.” He taps the bed next to him, smiling as Blaine moves over to him almost instantly.
“I think it’s because we know we’re not going to be interup…” Blaine is cut off by Kurt’s hand over his mouth.
“Don’t. You’ll jinx it, don’t say it.” Kurt almost whispers, ending on a gasp as Blaine presses a kiss to the palm of the hand covering his mouth, eyes sliding closed as Blaine sucks gently on the skin. Blaine grins, pulling Kurt’s hand off his mouth and leaning in for a kiss, the tension in the room lifting as they both lean into the kiss.
Kurt was fairly sure he could spend hours kissing Blaine, mapping sensitive spots with hands and lips, finding new and exciting ways to pull a gasp or a shuddering moan from the other boy’s lips. It made him feel powerful and strong in a way nothing else could. Of course, it didn’t hurt that while he was exploring and learning so was Blaine.

Pulling back for a moment Kurt surveyed his handiwork, Blaine stretched out next to him on the too small dorm bed, shirt unbuttoned and hanging off his shoulders with an angry looking mark forming on his collarbone. Kurt knew he likely looked much the same, his shirt discarded completely, mouth red and swollen and hair totally wrecked.

Kurt is drawn from his musings by Blaine sitting up next to him, shrugging his shirt off and cupping Kurt’s cheek in his hand. “This okay?” Kurt blinks at him for a moment, giving what he hopes is a withering look, because really, he’s spent the last twenty minutes or so finding ways to make Blaine squirm – would he really be freaking out NOW?
“God yes.” Must be the response Blaine is waiting for; he practically pounces on Kurt before the words are out, pressing them both back into the mattress and settling comfortably on top of Kurt. Taking a moment to align himself just so, Blaine presses his hips down experimentally, eyes locked on Kurt’s face for any sign that he is pushing too far. A gasped out “Oh!” Is the only response he gets before Kurt’s arms lock tighter around his waist, pulling him down once more, this time as Kurt presses upwards. Kurt moves an arm up, pulling Blaine’s mouth hard to his own as they begin to grind together in earnest.

It’s messy and not quite co-ordinated but neither boy seems to mind, kisses tapering off until both are practically panting into each others’ mouths, hips straining to move faster and harder. Blaine slides a hand between their stomachs. “Can I?” he gasps out, fingers edging ever closer to the waistband of Kurt’s pants. Kurt nods so hard he almost head butts Blaine, almost incoherent as Blaine gets the button and zipper undone, biting back a moan as Blaine’s hand wraps around his erection. The feel of Blaine’s hand around him is enough to send him crashing towards the edge, a squeeze of his fingers and it is all over, Kurt coming hard on his stomach and chest. Blaine kisses him fiercely, catching his cries as he comes down from his orgasm. Kurt almost melts into the bed for a moment, limbs deliciously heavy as the world begins to swim back into focus. Blaine is still above him, panting slightly, eyes dark and wild with lust. Somewhere in the back of his mind Kurt knows he should do something about that, if only he could move his arms, or legs, or well... anything really. He forces himself to move, arm curling round Blaine’s waist and encouraging him back down, mouth finding his and Blaine moves willingly, hips pressing down once more. Blaine is lost in pleasure, gasping out half words and moans as they kiss, Kurt growing bolder, hand sliding round to the front of Blaine’s pants, tentatively tracing the line of his erection through the layers. Blaine grabs his hand, pressing it hard against himself and thrusting downwards one last time, face buried in Kurt’s shoulder as he comes.
In the morning there will be time for talking (and if Kurt knows Blaine as well as he think he does, it will be a lot of talking) but right now, with Blaine curled up against his back snoring softly against his neck, Kurt takes a moment to enjoy the now. And of course wonder if James could be persuaded to spend a lot more time on his computer games.



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